2nd World Tamils Economic Conference - Exhibition, from 1st to 4th of October 2011, Dubai, UAE.
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2011 World Tamil Economic Conference


Awards were given for well-known Tamils, based on their contribution to a better understanding of TamilNadu abroad, and support to TamilNadu and Tamils all over the world.

The award is known as “Ulaga tamil Maamani”.

We are happy to present you with the profiles of the Award winners of the 2nd World tamil economic conference 2011.

Ulaga Tamil Mamani” (Crystal Jewel of World Tamils) award winners are

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu

Dato' Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu, born on 8th March 1936, is an Indian Malaysian politician, and the longest serving President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), a component party of the Barisan National coalition, holding the position since 1979. He was the longest serving minister in the Malaysian Government, till he lost in the elections in 2008. From 1974 to March 2008 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the Malaysian Parliament and from 1979 to December 2010 he was President of Malaysian Indian Congress and a partner in the ruling National Front Coalition. During this time, from 1978 to1979 he was Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing. Then from 1979 to 1989 he was Minister of Works for Malaysia. He then served as Minister of energy, Telecommunications and Posts, Malaysia for 1989 through 1995. From 1995 through March 2008 he was again Minister of Works for Malaysia.

He is a chartered architect by profession and a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and of the Malaysian Institute of Architects. Datto Samy Vellu has always maintained a close contact with Tamilnadu and has been instrumental in implementing many joint ventures and mergers. He is eloquent in Tamil and has promoted the spread of the Tamil language in Malaysia and is a godfather for the Tamil population in Malaysia.

Datto Samy Vellu is married to Datin Seri Indrani Samy Vellu, who is also active in socio-political and various non-governmental organisations. Samy Vellu has one son, Vell Paari, who currently manages MAIKA Holdings and is a senior active member of the Malaysian Indian Congress. His daughter-in-law, Shaila Nair, is also active in Puteri MIC, a special wing dedicated to Indian Women of Malaysia who are below 35 years.

Mr. Armoogum Parsuraman

Born in 1951 in Mauritius, Mr. Parsuramen took his B.A. Honours in Administration from the University of Mauritius in1977 and started his career as a secondary school teacher from1978 to1982. During this period he was also active in community service, first as an elected Village Councillor, and then as Chairman of his District Council. Between 1982 and 1995, Mr. Parsuramen was a Member of Parliament in Mauritius for four consecutive terms, during which time he served as Minister of Education, Arts and Culture (1983-1991), and Minister of Education and Science (1991-1995). He is credited with being the architect of the Mauritian 10-Year Education Master Plan (1991-2000), and the champion of the cultural diversity policy, in particular with the establishment of several cultural centres.

At the international level, Mr. Parsuramen was Chairman of the General Council of Ministers of Culture of the Organization of African Unity (1986-1989), and Chairman of the Caucus of African Ministers of Education and the Association for the Development of African Education (ADEA) 1991-1995. Between 1983 and 1995, he was also Chairman of the Mauritius National Commission for UNESCO, and subsequently became the elected representative of the Republic of Mauritius on UNESCO's Executive Board (1995-1996).

In 1996, Mr. Parsuramen joined the World Bank, initially as a Consultant and then as Education Policy Adviser and Coordinator of the education component of the Bank's United Nations Special Initiative for Africa (UNSIA). In this capacity, he oversaw all activities aimed at achieving the UNSIA objectives through synergistic and capacity-building actions. Furthermore, he coordinated the planning, development and implementation of various acton promoting knowledge-sharing among African countries.

Joining the UNESCO Secretariat in July 1998, Mr. Parsuramen was appointed Acting Director for the Renovation of Secondary and Vocational Education and in July 2000, Mr. Parsuramen was appointed Director of the Regional Bureau for Education in Africa. In this capacity, he was responsible for ensuring UNESCO's mandate in the follow-up to the recommendations of the 2000 World Conference on Education for all (EFA) in Dakar, and the 1998 Conference of the Ministers of Education of African Member States (MINEDAF VII). He also promoted the establishment of the Forum of African Parliamentarians for Education (FAPED), an initiative that was strongly supported by UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, the African Development Bank and the World Bank.

In November 2004, Mr. Parsuramen was appointed to the post of Secretary of UNESCO Executive Board. Concurrently he was entrusted with the expanded responsibility of Director of the Secretariat of the Governing Bodies, serving both as Secretary of UNESCO Executive Board and Secretary of the General Conference.

Mr. Parsuramen is the newly appointed Director of the UNESCO Office in New Delhi, and UNESCO Representative to India, Bhutan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. Mr. Parsuramen took up his duties in New Delhi on 30 September 2010.

Mr. Syed M. Salahuddin

Syed Salahuddin is synonymous with the ETA group of companies, and it was under his leadership that this group has grown into a globally recognised one. Established in 1973, the company now employs more than 70,000 people in 23 countries and has an annual sales of more than US$6.5 billion. The group has a number of industries including automobiles, building maintenance, consumer electronics, construction, contracting, engineering, information technology, shipping and transportation, and is the world's largest trading company.

A highly diversified organisation, its operations cover over 16 industry verticals, many of which are not only pioneers but also reigning leaders in their respective fields. Besides generating large-scale employment and contributing to economic development, the ETA Ascon Star Group's contributions to education, community welfare and the promotion of art and culture have also been widely acknowledged.

Syed M. Salahuddin was honoured with the ABA Outstanding Asian Contribution to Middle East Development in December 2007.

This award was established by the Asian Business Award Middle East (ABA ME) jury to honour Asians who have made significant contributions to the Middle East. On receiving the prestigious award, Syed M. Salahuddin said, "The ETA family is extremely honoured to receive this award. We thank each and everyone who has contributed to our growth and partnership, its deep value systems and its strength in diversity," he said, with true humility and appreciation for his colleagues.

"The success of ETA, which has been 'built on trust', is also a reflection of the group's power of The $4bn ETA Ascon Star Group, which employs more than 54,000 people, is a deeply trusted, pre-eminent corporate entity in the Middle East.

Dr.R. Seetharaman

He has a distinguished academic background as a Chartered Accountant and holds certificates in IT Systems and Corporate Management. He was a gold medalist for his BCom from the University of Madras in1979.Starting his career with Price Waterhouse, one of the global consultancy firms, Mr. Seetharaman held senior management positions in three banks in Oman, handling all domains in banking, prior to joining Doha Bank. He has extensive experience in integrating people and has excelled in handling multi-dimensional functions within the banking sector and has been responsible for two successful mergers.

He has played a pioneering role by introducing innovative products and services, deploying consumer centric technology solutions, newer strategic business models etc., for the first time in the State of Qatar.His strategic business model initiatives include his vision towards globalization through opening of full-fledged cross border branch operations in Dubai and Kuwait and representative offices in various countries. Doha Bank has successfully established Doha Bank Assurance Company, the first Middle Eastern Bank to establish a 100% owned insurance company. He has been instrumental in striking a strategic tie-up with a leading Indian brokerage firm, and set up Doha Brokerage and Financial Services Ltd.,the first financial institution to set foot in the Indian sub-continent.

Mr. Seetharaman is one of the most sought after economists in the GCC region. On a regular basis, he is called on by CNBC, BBC World, Reuters, Forbes, Fox Business, Sky News, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and a host of regional media channels, for his opinions and expert comments on economics, banking and environment issues. Mr. Seetharaman is very passionate about theatre & literature and actively promotes social and cultural arts. He is a renowned Quiz Master in the State of Qatar and has successfully conducted business quizzes over the last 3 years, sports quizzes over the last 2 years and green quiz since 2007.

Mr. Seetharaman is also very active in promoting economic cooperation and cross border investment opportunities between the GCC and other regions across the globe. Mr. Seetharaman is committed to corporate social responsibility by proactively contributing towards social causes, besides his initiatives towards creating what he calls a knowledge-society. Currently, he is actively engaged in creating awareness to the global corporate community on global warming and climate change by conducting environmental seminars across the GCC,Turkey, Singapore, Japan, China, India and USA. He has been a regular speaker at conferences around the world and has contributed articles on finance and economics to several journals.

He has transformed Doha Bank as the best performing bank in the Middle East region. During his stewardship Doha Bank has become a Global Brand, and in 2010 was recognized as the best Commercial Bank in Middle East. Under his leadership the bank has been conferred with several awards. Mr.Seetharaman was ranked the 22nd most influential Expat in GCC, and 2nd most influential Indian in GCC by Arabian Business 2009.


Mr.G. Viswanathan, the founder and chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), had a vision to provide professional education and a mission to start a university in his hometown. Along with the assistance of Sankar Viswanathan, G.V. Sampath, Sekar Viswanathan and G.V. Selvam- presently Vice-Presidents of VIT- Viswanathan managed to achieve both. This former parliamentarian and minister in Tamil Nadu started the Vellore Engineering College (VEC), when the Government of Tamil Nadu encouraged private players to set up engineering colleges to meet the demands of the industry. In the evolutionary process, there was a shift of focus from being an affiliated college to an independent entity. The college went on to become a university in 2001. Ever since then, VIT has been nurturing a cosmopolitan campus with students from all the states of India and from 46 countries. It is a multicultural institution where people from different social, cultural, and economic backgrounds live, study and work together.

This multicultural university environment has in its turn had its effect on the city of Vellore as well. Most of the Vellore population today has a broader socio-cultural outlook as a result of our student and faculty interaction with the local community. Many new hotels, restaurants and shops have come up in this town to cater to the demands of the students. Vellore, being a small town has easily adapted to the youthful change brought in by the university. As part of community development, VIT is has planted thousands of saplings across the town with a hope to make the place greener and cooler.

VIT also introduced the Support the Advancement of Rural Students (STARS) scheme to support and educate rural students. The social outreach programmes initiated and developed by the university students include adopting neighbourhood government schools and primary healthcare centres where students hold workshops to educate the local population. VIT over the years has worked towards developing Vellore town even as the university progressed. Popular Universities in far flung towns like Pilani, Vellore, Jalandhar, Manipal and Faridabad with limited access to technology and education have changed the colour, diversity and future of these not so privileged places, because of the relationship the community and the university share.

VIT has many firsts to its credit is the first institute in India to implement the PeopleSoft ERP (Enterprise resource planning) System with all its modules to integrate information and assist students.

Numero uno: VIT is the first Indian university that has been able to obtained the coveted Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accreditation from the US.

Prof. Dr. Paul Dominic

Dr. Dominic is a former professor of the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney. Dr. Dominic is also a former Governor of Law Foundation of New South Wales Dr Dominic's areas of practice include:

. Anti-Money Laundering
. Tax
. Banking & Finance Law
. Property Development
. Commercial & International Investment Law
. International Trading Law
. Construction Law
. Employment Law
. Intellectual Property
. European Union Law and Arbitration

Educational & Professional Qualifications

. Doctorate in Law (International Taxation) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
. Doctorandus in Law(mainly in European Community Law) University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
. Postgraduate Diploma in European Business and Tax Law Europa Institute Amsterdam, The Netherlands
. Bachelor of Laws University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
. Solicitor (New South Wales)
. Advocate and Solicitor (Singapore)
. Solicitor (England)
. Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public (Sri Lanka)
. Registered Migration Agent (No. 9253294)

Dr. Athi Narayanan

Dr. Athi Narayan graduated from Thanjavur Medical College in 1966, and went on to do DCH and MD in pediatrics from Madras Medical College and Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Sick Children in Egmore from 1968 to1972. He worked at "JIPMER" Pondicherry before leaving for USA to obtain further training in Neonatology, a specialty dealing with sick and premature new born infants. In 1977 he obtained his board certification in Neonatology and also underwent specialty training in Pediatric Cardiology.

He worked in various capacities in acdemic centers and non academic private practice centers in the US. Currently he is Chairman of the department of Pediatrics and Medical Director of Neonatology at Emory Johns Creek Hospital in the Atlanta suburb of Johns Creek, Georgia, USA.

He is the past President of the American Tamil Medical Association (ATMA) which is involved in charitable health care activities in Tamil Nadu. He has also served as one of the board of directors of ATMA and theTamilnadu Foundation of USA (TNF), through which he has demonstrated sound leadership and motivated its members to commit to charitable activities. He received the first "Humanitarian Award" from Emory Johns Creek Hospital for the year 2009. Through tireless work and cooperation from a lot of caring people, he founded the " Pallavaram Children's Medical Centre" (PCMC) which opened its doors for operation in November 2009, and is serving the children of the Pallavaram area,and that too without any consideration given to the family's ability to pay for the treatment. He continues to serve as one of the Trustees of PCMC and continues to donate and raise funds for its operation and future growth.

He strongly believes that children are the future of Tamilnadu, India and the world. To give their full potential to learning and living and helping the family, and the people of the world, they should have good health." He is married to Shanthi Narayan, an accountant, and they have two children, Raj Narayan, a psychiatrist, and Ram Narayan who is vice president in one of the US corporations.

Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, Former Minister Malaysia.
Mr. Armoogum Parsuraman, Former Minister Mauritius.
Mr. Syed M. Salahuddin, Business Leader UAE.
Dr.R. Seetharaman, Banker, Qatar.
Dr.G.Viswanathan, Educationalist, India.
Prof. Dr. Paul Dominic, Legal Practitioner, Australia.
Dr. Athi Narayanan, Medical Practitioner, USA.
Thirunal Karasu, Businessman, Singapore.
Mr. R. Baskaran, Businessman, Russia.
Mr. D. Eassuwaran, Businessleader, Sri Lanka.
Mr. K.P.R Raju, Businessman, kuwait.

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